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Training Videos

  • Getting Started Quick Guide

  • All About Policies (Recorded 5/26/2021)

    The training session will focus specifically on the tools used to manage policies within CU PolicyPro. Learn how to add model policies to your CU Policies Manual and how to customize the model policies for your credit union's individual operations. We will also cover how to define key fields, best practices for formatting, and how to publish policies to share with your staff, board members, and examiners. This is a great workshop for users new to the policy management system or those who need a refresher on adding and editing policies in CU PolicyPro.

  • Using the Auditing Tools (Recorded 6/9/2021)

    View Recording - Passcode: !UWymk4D

    Ready to take the next step in managing your policies? The training session focuses on the auditing tools available in CU PolicyPro that can be used to help audit and maintain your policies. Covered in this session are best practices for using auditing notes effectively, tracking changes in policy text, setting up notifications to alert users of policy changes, viewing the activity log, and understanding the available date fields. Please note: this session does assume that users have experience with editing policies within the CU PolicyPro system. 
  • Admin Level Training (Recorded 6/16/2021)

    This training session is specifically designed for Admin-level users. We will take an in-depth look at the File management system and adding content to the Resources area, managing users and user access, and updating the system settings.
  • Managing Content Updates (Recorded 6/30/2021)
    The CU PolicyPro model policies are generally reviewed quarterly, and updates are made to the policies if needed, and new policies may also be added. The updated model policy content does not automatically go into your CU Policies not only because it would overwrite your custom content, but the updates may not be applicable for your credit union. This training session will walk you through the entire content update process from start to finish, and answer the question, "What does my credit union need to do?" We will look at how to find and review the content updates and redlined model policy versions. We will discuss how to determine if it is best to completely replace your CU Policy with the updated model policy content or to manually incorporate the changes into your own policy. We will also review best practices for each of these options and provide tips for documenting the updates for auditing purposes.

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